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Palindrome on Sex

Sex -

Pleasures all,
Minds blowing, titillating feelings.
One hears hushed moans;
Anticipation for touch all heightens
Innocence stripped –
Bared all sensitivities set
Secretly feeling
Fulfilled desire

Desire fulfilled
Feeling secretly
Set sensitivities all bared
- Stripped innocence
Heightens all touch for anticipation
Moans hushed, hears one;
Feelings titillating, blowing minds,
All Pleasures,
- Sex


  1. Palindromes and Anagrams, just like Sex amaze me.

    Good one.

  2. like bien, i also like palindromes (didn't even know the technical term for these until i read your post). i also agree with bien - nice one.

  3. Just like passionate sex, there is minimal to no malice. Devoid of the graphic images we imagine while reading.

    Beautifully written.