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It’s been a long time since I came around. It’s been along time but I’m back in town

Praise and Worship

Baby your voice as cold as the rainy days make me want to smile. My eyes glued onto you as I sing my praise raising my hands for a complete surrender. Standing there preaching about His’ words with such pleasing accent that grabs just the right attention. Looking so relaxed and comfortable in front of your band. Baby, you like the attention don’t you?

Strapped up in his plain black tee and skinny jeans, simplicity almost kills. As he put up his hands raising them for the song’s chorus, I fixed my eyes from his face ever full of expression to the peeking abs, as white as alabaster, sculpted to perfection.

You’re a sexy preacher father. Forgive me for I have sinned.

Palindrome on Sex

Sex -

Pleasures all,
Minds blowing, titillating feelings.
One hears hushed moans;
Anticipation for touch all heightens
Innocence stripped –
Bared all sensitivities set
Secretly feeling
Fulfilled desire

Desire fulfilled
Feeling secretly
Set sensitivities all bared
- Stripped innocence
Heightens all touch for anticipation
Moans hushed, hears one;
Feelings titillating, blowing minds,
All Pleasures,
- Sex

Early Morning Tease

He lay there in the morning past five quarter, the darkness of the morning only broken by the ray of light coming from the window. Everything was still. Everything was quiet with only the buzzing of the electric fan and the rustling of the unfinished papers on top of the desk are to be heard.

His body, white, toned, and fit still cast upon the shadows like a silhouette in hiding. I move my eyes slowly from his chest to the bulging tent inside his briefs, feasting on the sight. I know he waswake and I would know for he always gets up at five quarter. But this morning he was still, lying in bed waiting for something to happen.

A morning delight is all he needs, I thought. And he’s gonna get it. I approached him and worked my way, fondled his chest and his nipples so pink and erect. Slowly, my fingers started to travel from his chest, traversing the trail led by thin strands of hair. As it approaches the elastic garters of his white briefs, my fingers entered one by one, teasing him. My fingers make their way inside the skimpy place feeling his smooth throbbing manhood as I caress the bush of hair around it.

The overriding rush of heat once again resurge upon my whole body against the near freezing dawn weather.  It was unbearable to take my sight from this beautiful work of art. I cupped my finger around his manhood and started stroking it slowly in up and down. He was enjoying it, grunting something like a moan filled with ecstasy. One of the addictions he can’t resist.

I started beating faster and faster. His breathing got heavier and more and more inconsistent, holding his breath and letting out a deep exhale added to the thrill. Until finally he went into climax, his back arched withdrawing this pelvis behind until he found himself beating his dick faster and faster, restraining himself from moaning with pleasure as thick early morning milk spurted all the way to his chest.

He lay there alone in the same position, his breathing getting shallower against the stillness of the room with his limp dick...satisfied again by his own hand.

Some people start their morning with a prayer, I start it with an orgasm.


It’s been quite a while when I last shed a tear. When our family broke up, leaving my mother along with my sister in the old pueblo, all I did was stare blankly as memories start to be torn apart, bridges bent if not burnt, and family stories never to be made and told. Call me the egocentric kid I was but there was something inside me that sparked a little happiness about my parents’ break up. Is it the extra attention I’d get from my dad? Is it the fact that I practically own every toy on the bin which I used to share with my sibling? It didn’t really matter which reason it may be but I am certain I wanted it to happen.

Even at the earliest recollections of my life, I had already been stood as a witness to the frailty of the heart. How it could fade in an instant leaving both parties to the inevitable hurting. How temporary and short-lived it is. How it becomes a fatalistic cycle of love and hate until both of them realize it is not worth pursuing for. How it shatters people to their cores. How it inflicts pain to one to make them realize that I they are still living.

Then I grew up, had a couple of relationships, shared a common view on what I have with what my parents had. Savoring the moment while there was still love but always gave up when the situation becomes too tryingt. Que sera sera as some would call it. I was feeble like that but it sure saved me from emotional breakdowns and all the drama. Somehow, it pays to be emotionless.

Keeping Myself Humane Again

"It’s been a long time since I came around
It’s been along time but I’m back in town"

 - You and I, Lady Gaga

The soul of writing lies on expression of the human feelings, deep down emotions, repressed memories that would soon lay forgotten over time. But how do you expect to fully write when put to the stage where everyone looks on you, scrutinizes your every move, and be criticized before you event start your act?

The expectation of how you would react robs every emotion from your inside, structuring your answers from what you truly feel to what you should feel, like a machine programmed to do things in the same  old boring fashion. 

This time, I take another step to the darkness and say my piece in silence... keeping myself humane again. This is my freedom.